All about snailiad games (Only on source mode).

Snailiad, Snailiad 2 (Canon) and Super Snaily are canon.

  • The super secret boomerang.
Characters What they are
Snaily He's a snail he saves snail from moon snail in snailiad 1.
Moon Snail The boss from snailiad 1 he can be THE GIGA SNAIL if you beat him.
Isis A snail god and she is a female.
Spikey An enemy that have a spiked shell.
Blob Jumpy and dark blue.
Batty Bat A bat that fly and SWOOPS!
Fireball A enemy that is burning.
Kitten Or kitty!! that use MANY peas.
Shellbreaker Or super shellbreaker in boss rush thats use boomerang.
Toothfish Much ulgy than babyfish.
Mechpliny A big robot that use lasers and hates snaily.
Space Box The cube boss that makes the same thing as that Robot Wants Fishy the boss that's grey and there's 2 and when his friend got kill he turns angry.
Giga Snail Go see Moon Snail.
Babyfish A small fish.
Baby Snail A small type of snail MUCH SMALLER THAN BABYFISH.
Sluggy A slug only in slug mode.
Drone The feberation drone is the enemy that mades a cameo.
Tallfish Much like babyfish and toothfish but can dount snaily.